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About Us

Share, Match and Execute

What is Fungibilis?

Fungibilis is a lightweight online task list designed to make managing and sharing tasks easier than it's ever been. You can create/share/match/assign tasks, create/share/match tips, create/join groups and even manage your toolbox from one unified platform. Fungibilis was founded on April, 2011. Our goal is to provide user a comprehensive platform to let the people manage their tasks in a more effective way.

How to use Fungibilis?

In Fungibilis, you can do many things, however, the following are the most popular ones:
Manage your tasks
By using Fungibilis, you can create/update/delete/search your tasks in the task panel and update/track the progress/status. With the calendar, it's also easy to get an idea what tasks for specific day.
Share the similar tasks
Fungibilis let the user share their tasks so other people can found them when they create the similar tasks. In many cases, this can help users co-operate, share the information, or form the group to execute a task together. For example, one user might want to play soccer in Fairfield, IA on a weekend, but at that time he is only with himself. After he create his task and make it public, the other people who have the similar tasks can easily find him and make this happen.
Match the opposite tasks
Fungibilis also let the user match the tasks if other people created some tasks "opposite" to his task. For example, if one user create a task he wants to rent a bicycle near New York city when he travels but only need 1 day, the other people might create an "opposite" task which is trying to rent out his bicycle for free(but with deposit) on weekend so that he can make more space in his back yard to host a party.
Assgin/outsource task
In Fungibilis, you can also outsource your tasks to other people. You can specify a budget and due date so only appropriate users will approach you. Of course you will also be able to undertake the tasks the other users want to outsource.
* Currently the fees/transactions between the outsourced parties are not within the responsibilities of Fungibilis. Users should take cautious when assign/accept the tasks.
Share the tips for specific task
Fungibilis provide the user opportunities to write his tips on executing his task. On one hand, the user can save his specific experience when performing his task, like "road #34 has very bad traffic on weekend, but street #34 is OK" when he had a trip to shopping on weekend. So next time when he create a shopping task, this tip will automatically appear when he create another shopping task.
On the other hand, if he makes this tips public, the other people can also benefit from his tips and some of might task street #34 and solve the traffic problem. More specific to a task and to a location/time is the difference between Fungibilis and other websites.
Form a group
You can create or join a group providing you have created a task in the same type. Then people can share the information, organize events here. For example, one user can create a group of water rafting in Chicago area. Then people can organize rafting event here and post any promotion information. Since all the members need to have a related task, so it's easy to filter useless groups and find group of people you need.
We might always have similar tasks repeated couple of days or weeks. Like sending email to the same client, cooking the same dish, shopping for the same checklist, travel on the same schedule or contact the same person. Toolbox let you to save all these information in one place so that you can easily retrieve them when you need. You don't need to break your head to search for a information in your mailbox or find a paper made couple of weeks ago.
Special tasks
In our category, there is a special task type, we try to make it more useful and fun. For example, a challenge task is something you want to do but with some level fear and need encourage; once you create the task there, you can find the comments from the people and hopefully the other people like you. Another one is notify type, you might find a car park on a street with both head light on, then you can create a task to notify the owner; the only thing you need to do is specify the plate number, if the owner registered with us and provide this as a property in his settings, he will be notified and come to turn off his light. You saved his time and also the energy in general :)
There will be more features. And you are welcome to provide any new ideas/feedback through our contact page. It's always good to be needed!
We hope you will enjoy using